Drones are Replaceable

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The Right Tool for the Job

Thermal Sensors

are one of the most functional and desired features amongst all Municipalities. We offer a number of payload and drone options depending on the task. Everybody doesn’t necessarily need a Flagship-Budget to be successful, but you need to make sure you have enough to accommodate future situations. While the Mavic 2 Enterprise may be perfect for low-altitude, close-range missions, the H20N Payload would suite better for large-area tasks such as Search & Rescue and Wildfire Management.

Higher resolution Sensors can help officers not only know a suspect’s location. Clothing types, build, and even objects being held is vital information that can be relayed to everyone involved. 

Disregard smoke, foliage, roofs, and other visible obstructions to give Fire Fighters the exact location of hotspots

Search hundreds of acres quickly to find lost people. This increased efficiency can truly be the difference between life and death

Sending in drones to clear buildings and locate suspects can help insure Personnel safety and negate the suspects Element-of-Surprise.