Designed for the long haul

Our VTOL UAV brings unmanned aerial excellence to commercial industries for safety and accuracy in the field.

3+ hours

Max Flight Time

13 lbs

Max Payload


VTOL/Rotor Wing

75 mph

Max Speed

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From utility lines to railways, the Seeker allows for safer, quicker inspections that capture detailed video, photos, and data from a distance — eliminating the need for manual inspections in unsafe conditions. An impressive payload capacity supports a number of added modules, like corona discharge sensors or 30x optical zoom EO/IR systems.


Cut down on project time and improve accuracy with the use of UAV technology for photogrammetry, transmitting real-time data for site development, measurement, topographical analysis, and more. You can do it all with just a touch of the screen.


Enhance security through aerial surveillance monitoring, using advanced GPS and automated route planning for a consistent approach to patrolling from the skies. Enjoy the confidence and convenience of a bird’s eye view, whether you’re surveying offshore activities or large-scale events.

Fully automated flight planning

The Seeker’s VTOL design enables takeoffs and landings in confined areas. Through its dual-GPS system and Ground Control System’s automated route planning, you can create precision automated missions quickly or allow manual control for dynamic situations with a touch of the screen.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Thanks to a modular design and compact airframe, it takes less than three minutes to assemble and disassemble the Seeker so you can complete missions in less time.


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