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This 8 hour online, California POST Certified UAS Program Creation and Manager Course is designed for agencies who do not currently have a UAS program or have not applied for an FAA Certificate Of Authorization (COA). This class will provide a comprehensive overview of creating a UAS program, management, policy, procedures, equipment overview, legal issues, and a step-by-step guide to writing an FAA Certificate Of Authorization (COA).

This 24 hour California POST Certified course gives new UAS public safety operators hands-on flying experience through skills and scenario-based training, knowledge of equipment options, UAS related technologies introduction, and legal aspects. Students will receive information on obtaining their FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification and procedures for flying under an agency’s FAA Certificate Of Authorization (COA). This class does not include ground school or testing for FAA part 107.

This class is designed for agencies who have an established or are in the process of establishing a UAS program. It is open to communications dispatchers, law enforcement and fire personnel at the local, state, and federal level, emergency managers, and supervisors. Space is limited to ensure low student: instructor ratios.

During this 24 Hour Course, Public Safety personnel are provided with relevant information, regulations, and flight operations experience in deploying UAS platforms during SWAT, Patrol Operations, and other outdoor and indoor tactical situations, proper equipment choices, and options. Students will experience practical hands-on applications through scenario-based activities. This course is not for beginners.

In Development 3 Day course will cover:

  • Night flight hazard
  • FAA rules for night flights
  • Use of a VO
  • Night physiology as related to human vision and perception
  • Use of thermal and IR in operations
  • Use of external lighting
  • Search and rescue day and night
  • Modifications can include use if UAS in hazmat and fire operations
In Development 3 Day course will cover:
    • Use of RTK vs non RTK mapping
    • Ground control point integration
    • Ground control measurement protocols (Equipment dependent)
      • Total station measurements
      • Gps RTK
      • “Propeller” GPS integrated ground control points


  • Software option and introduction
    • PIx4d
    • Drone Deploy
    • Wed ODM
    • CAD choices that can import point cloud files, and 2D orthomosaic maps

Public Courses

(Pre study material will be sent to students to prepare for the in class portion. We will facilitate Part 107 testing for the day after class at a local testing site, testing fee will be included in the class.)

We provide a 3 day Part 107 Ground School, along with pre-course study material. Our Ground School is taught by an FAA Certified Manned Aircraft Flight Instructor, and by FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots. The day following your course, we go the next step by scheduling your FAA Part 107 exam as part of your course fee! Coupled with basic hands-on flight skills practice and comprehensive discussions on commercial applications, this is the perfect combination to get you started.

This course is designed for the beginner pilot, whether private or first responder; we can get you flying.

(Similar to our public safety course)

Are you looking to expand your skills in UAS/Drone flying for recreation or commercial purposes? 21 CLETS LLC has created this course designed to develop your necessary flying skills, update you on the latest FAA rules and regulations, and help you gain confidence and control. Pilots are exposed to hands-on flight skills, including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) course exposure. This course is taught by an FAA Certified Manned Aircraft Flight Instructor, and by FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots.

It all starts with passion and education. The future of the drone industry can be found in today’s youth. As technology advances, STEM Programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are essential resources. The 21 CLETS LLC UAS Team has created a STEM based youth course. This course concentrates on introducing youth to drone building, programming and flight with the goal of educating and inspiring the next generation of innovators in the drone and aviation industry.

For larger organizations we offer fully customizable training which can be delivered at your location. Contact FIZUAS for additional information.

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