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The EVO II Dual 640T is a brand new offering from Autel Robotics as part of their growing EVO II Series lineup. This EVO II comes with a 640×512 radiometric thermal camera alongside a 12 MP visual/RGB camera. By adding radiometric capabilities, their EVO II Series now covers every mission across almost all verticals where drones are being used today.

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Dual-sensor. Radiometric thermal.

Autel has taken the EVO II to an entirely new level by integrating a custom, non-FLIR radiometric thermal sensor into their already powerful dual-sensor EO/IR EVO II Dual payload.

New Generation Thermal Camera

Autel’s custom thermal sensor captures thermal images and videos in resolutions up to 640×512. Its 30 Hz refresh rate provides smooth, real-time thermal data through the EVO II’s live video feed.

With the ability to select one of 10 available thermal palettes, there’s a view suited for almost any environment imaginable.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode enables both the thermal and visual camera feeds simultaneously, enabling quicker target acquisition and better situational awareness throughout the mission.

Advanced Temperature Measurement Modes

The hardware is just the beginning for the EVO II Dual 640T. Multiple advanced measurement modes and tools are embedded in the full software stack and are instantly accessible through the Autel Explorer app.

Central Temperature Measurement. View a real-time display of the temperature in the center area of the screen.

Spot Temperature Measurement. Tap anywhere on the screen and get an instant readout of the temperature of that object/area.

Regional Temperature Measurement. Get an instant, dynamic measurement of the average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature of the viewable scene.

Enhanced Real-Time Thermal Data

When lives are on the line, the ability to immediately and reliably identify areas of interest is critical. Because of this, Autel has enabled several ways of enhancing the real-time view of the thermal data present in your scene.

Temperature Alarm. Monitor’s the entire scene in real-time and alerts you if it detects a temperature at or above the set limit.

Isotherm. Set a temperature range and the system will automatically detect any detected objects within that temperature range.

Image Enhancement. With the tap of a button, adjust the brightness and contrast in real-time to automatically highlight any objects in the specified temperature range.

8K Video For Unmatched Clarity

The EVO II Dual 640T records visual imagery in resolutions up to 7680×4320. That’s four times as many pixels compared to 4K and 16 times as many as HD.

48 MP Visual Sensor

The EVO II Dual 640T’s 1/2″ CMOS sensor is capable of capturing images with resolutions up to 48 MP thanks to its Quad Bayer filter. Images of this size enable you to zoom in farther and pull out more details than a single 12 MP image would provide. With embedded metadata, the Autel EVO II Dual 640T is a powerful tool for capturing evidence, surveying a fire scene, and almost all public safety missions.

4X Lossless Visual Zoom

Thanks to its high-resolution visual camera, the Autel EVO II Dual 640T is able to zoom deep into a scene and crop an image or video to 4K without any loss of quality. Capture a scene, zoom in, and reframe your shots with ease.


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